Ahhhh... To Get Away!
Saturday, October 3, 2009 at 8:58PM
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By Michele Zamora

Although you may not have the time, or the equipment, to keep up with your regular workout while you are away, having an alternative plan will assist you in bouncing back more quickly when you return.

Here are some exercise suggestions that you can do when you have limited time and workout equipment. First, you should always pack your workout shoes and clothing. If you don’t have access to a fitness center and/or equipment, you can pack your own. There is equipment that is lightweight and can fit in your suitcase. Traveling with resistant tubes and a small exercise ball (deflate when packed) can provide a challenging workout. If you have difficulty knowing what exercises to do with this equipment, you can order an instructional DVD. You can also schedule a session with a certified personal trainer prior to your trip. The CPT can provide you with a demonstration of exercises and written instructions, and view your form when performing the exercise prescribed.

Here are a few exercises that the resistant tubes can be utilized for:

Bicep curls — This can be done with one or both arms. Place foot/feet on tube and hold handles. The wider your stance, the more resistance you will feel. Keep elbows by side, hold handles with palms up, and curl hands up toward shoulders, keeping wrist straight. Count/exhale as you lift. Do approximately eight repetitions and you should feel the resistance (while keeping your form) if you have the correct amount of resistance on the tube. Slowly release down and repeat 12-16 times per set (If doing two sets, rest one minute between sets).

Tricep Extension (over head) — Hold one end of tubing behind back, or place foot on one end. With opposite arm, hold the opposite end of the tube. Keep this arm close to your ear, elbow bent and pointed up. Extend arm straight up; pause, contract tricep muscle, exhale/count, and release back down slowly. Do approximately eight reps. You should feel the resistance (while keeping your form) if you have the correct amount of resistance on the tube. Slowly release down and repeat 12-16 x per set (If doing two sets, rest one minute between sets)

Outer thigh, glutes, and abs — Standing with both feet on resistant tube, holding the handles/ends in each hand, lift one leg out to side pressing with outside of foot. Unlock/soften the knee of the supporting leg. When pressing the leg out to the side, keeping the foot off the ground throughout the 12 to 16 reps (optional) will assist in working your core (contracting your abs and glutes for balance). Change legs
after one set.

Suggested exercises when traveling with a small air-filled ball:

Inner and outer thigh exercises — Stand or sit with ball between thighs. Contract ball and abs as you count. Press legs together for inner thigh. For outer thigh exercise, sit near a wall, place ball between thigh and wall and press. You can vary the sequence. Try 16 times slow, then 16 times pulse and hold.

Hamstring curls — Stand and hold back of chair for balance, if needed. Place small ball behind knee and curl leg, with heel up, toward buttocks. Keep quads/legs parallel as you curl your leg up slightly and contract the abs, glutes, and hamstring. Try 16 times slow and 16 times pulse.

Abs and back — Sit with legs bent and feet on the floor. Lean forward and place a small ball behind you to support the small of your back. Slowly lean back on the ball. Sit up slowly with abs contacted and exhale as you lift. Conduct regular crunch with back extension. Rest, stretch, and continue on with obliques (diagonal lifts) on each side.

Stretch the appropriate muscles/areas when finished with each exercise.

Remember to warm-up prior to strengthening and stretching exercises. Listen to your body and always take exercise at your own pace. 



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