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Almost Perfect, Book Review

Author: Dianne Blacklock - Publisher: Berkley Books

Greetings from The Literate Chicks! We decided to do things slightly different when it comes to reviewing books, we get straight to the point. Our 1-5 “flip flop” rating system will give you a quick way to separate the flip from the flop. For each book, we offer two short reviews, complete with why we did or didn’t like what we read. Each review comes with a Best Line feature too, because there is always at least one memorable sentence in a book.

Patty’s Rating: 4 flip flops

Review: “Almost Perfect” is a tale of two tales set in Sydney, Australia. Georgie Reading is a single woman in her early 30s who co-owns with her sister-in-law a bookstore aptly named The Reading Rooms. Georgie is mostly content with her life; with the exception she has not found “Mr. Right.” Though she has had several relationships, she has severed them for one reason or another. Enter Liam who arrives at The Reading Rooms to purchase a gift for his mother. Anna and Mac each have successful careers, and live high style in a beautiful home with the appropriate trappings. In spite of their professional achievements their sorrow is failure to have a baby. After many expensive and highly emotional scientifically enhanced attempts at pregnancy they face a decision. Anna’s determination to try “once again” places a strain on the marriage forcing Mac to work longer and longer hours to avoid conflicts at home. Mac’s secretary Stella plays a caring, devoted role in her concern for the couple’s future. Dianne Blacklock weaves an intriguing story of how these characters eventually cross paths. This is a book that “grabbed me.” Georgie’s warm, caring, freespirited personality is unique and refreshing, and the genuine love between her, her brother Nick and his wife Louise left me with a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Best Line: “I think it’s extraordinary. I mean, parts of the story were very sad, but ultimately it was uplifting.”


Kim’s Rating: 4 flip flops

Review: Tipping the scales at 439 pages, this book is a saga, a plethora of beautifully-formed words into succinct sentences that becomes a worthy tale of heart-wrenching decisions and lifelong reverberations. Set in Sydney, Australia seemingly in current time, sisters-in-law Georgie and Louise own a bookstore/meeting place called The Reading Rooms, a play on their last names. We also meet Mac and Anna, who are dealing with their inability to have children, and not very well, since their marriage has become strained and burdened. About this time, Georgie meets Liam, and they begin a brief courtship that initially ends badly, but I assure you, is not all Hollywood in the end. About the time I began wondering how all these people are connected, all was revealed by page 200. Not everything was as I thought it would be though. All of the characters are believable and fully formed, and the dialogue made me feel like I was eavesdropping on some great conversations. I didn’t want it to end, and anyone that has read some of my other reviews knows that I am generally not a fan of long books. This one is worth the time.

Best Line:The trick is to love someone despite the fact they’re not.” Perfect, that is.

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